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This section is about the Solar influences of the Sun signs as they transit across the sky!Check out the daily transiting moon signs for the month on  Moon Transits page , on this site.
Enjoy  this  time of Love, Above all else LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
There are Deconats along with the sun sign . The first decon of a sign is double Sun same sign People born at the end deacon of any sign are more spiritual and in many a case psychic.

August 2017
  The Month of Leo and winding down summer,. The Sun is in Leo-Sagittarius  from the first until  the ninth. It is a time of summer fun, sports and the beach. Party's ,bonfires, picnics and camping are happening now! From the 10th until the 22nd  it is Sun in Leo   with an Aries decan. It is good for last hoorahs with a burst of vitality and focus on the here and now!From the 23rd  til the 31st it is  is Virgo-Virgo and it is back to school time.It is time for  cleaning up and organizing now!.              




 Leo the lion is majestic and benevolent. It is the true Sun sign ruled by the Sun. It is fixed, masculine and fire. The colors are gold, royal blue and orange. The sunflower is the flower. The birthstone is ruby. Proud, strong and courageous Leo truly loves life.  
It rules the 5th house of children and creativity in the zodiac wheel. Leo rules, owns creates dramatic works of art and empowers sacral dharma.Think Hollywood and Mick Jagger. 

   Virgo The Virgin is an earth sign ruled by Mercury. It id Mutable. The Color is sage green and rules the 6th House of learning, writing and studies. Herbal Remedies fall here in the house of health as well. It id harvest time ti remove the wheat from the shaft. It is good for organizing and methodical orders. Shy and sweet if healthy. Bi polar if imbalanced and a great teacher and student in this sign. Recycling, de-cluttering and compartmentalizing are highlighted  here. Ivy is the plant rather than a flower and the stone is blue star sapphire.