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This section is about the Solar influences of the Sun signs as they transit across the sky!Check out the daily transiting moon signs for the month on  Moon Transits page , on this site.
Enjoy  this  time of Love, Above all else LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
There are Deconats along with the sun sign . The first decon of a sign is double Sun same sign People born at the end deacon of any sign are more spiritual and in many a case psychic.

APRIL 2018
It is Aries Leo from the first  until  the ninth. It is a time action, drama of the good kind and brilliant creativity. Take action on those creative projects. Do it now!,  From the 10th until the 20th  it is Sun in Aries with a Sagittarius  Decan. It is good f time for  taking hikes, travel and sports.Lots of New Beginnings, hope and revitalization and movement. Energy is high.From the 20th till the 30th it is Taurus Taurus and the earth heats up to help the beautiful flowers grow. Enjoy mother earth in all her splendor..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



ARIES: The first sign of the zodiac. It rules the first house of the rising sign of first impressions, early childhood, babies, military, architecture, attorneys, guns, weapons, houses, real estate and race car driving as well as everything cars and trains, It is  Ruled by the God Planet Mars  and  the color is clear red. Diamond and blood stone are it's birthstones. A Fire sign that is fast moving Cardinal. Ever changing it is multifaceted and so are people with this birth sign. Masculine and direct in nature, the men are better understood of this sign than the women. ,Independent, bold, strong, positive at times to naive this sign is exalted by the Sun.. Pioneering and planning life's course this sign is  up for the challenge with vigor and mind power. It rules the head and is the ram. 

Taurus the Bull/ The sign of the money house in Astrology, is about security and true Love! It is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love. An earth  sign that is fixed and stubborn in a sweet way. Loyal and true they are shy till angered then look out. The stone is emerald , the stone that is the green of grass and dosh. This sign is pleasant and needs stability. Traditional and steady on course. They do not like to be prodded. This sign adds a weighty practical beauty. The relation ship to money is an important one. They know how to save usually. Investments in the future lie here. It is your personal money not the eight house inheritance from and of other peoples money.  Malachite is another green money stone for manifesting. The color is pink and the flower carnation.Feminine and yin,
this yielding but determined sign is successful in banking, gardening, hairdressing and investing.