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This section is about the Solar influences of the Sun signs as they transit across the sky!Check out the daily transiting moon signs for the month on  Moon Transits page , on this site.
Enjoy  this  time of Love, Above all else LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
There are Deconats along with the sun sign . The first decon of a sign is double Sun same sign People born at the end deacon of any sign are more spiritual and in many a case psychic.

October 2017
  The Month of Libra-Scorpio at the Spooky time of year. The Sun is in Libra Aquarius  from the first until  the ninth. It is a time of social events and large group cooperative efforts! From the 10th until the 22nd  it is Sun in Libra with a Gemini Decant. It is good for communication, partnerships and organizing small day trips that are fun! From the 23rd  til the 31st it is   is Spooky Scorpio-Scorpio and the veil is thin. Take time to communicate with the other side!         



   Libra-The Scales is a Cardinal Air Sign. The birthstone is beautiful Opal. The colors are pastels and beige, It is about being fair and objective. That is why they make good lawyers and judges as well as counselors. When balanced this sign is pleasant, sociable and refined. Being Feminine air it has both masculine and feminine centered. It is the only yin air sign. Light, charming and graceful, they love beautiful surroundings so, that they make good interior  designers. 

The Mars-Pluto ruled Scorpio is complex and misunderstood. The color is dark deep reds. The stone is Topaz. It is a fixed-feminine sign. Mystery, intrigue and detective work fall under this area of rule. Surgeons, plumbers,detectives and shrinks fall in this group. Deep, silent and secretive if healthy have a strong respect for sex. if not mentally can be over sexed. transformations and transmutations are the healing magic of the ruler of the house of death and other peoples money.