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This section is about the Solar influences of the Sun signs as they transit across the sky!Check out the daily transiting moon signs for the month on  Moon Transits page , on this site.
Enjoy  this  time of Love, Above all else LOVE ONE ANOTHER!
There are Deconats along with the sun sign . The first decon of a sign is double Sun same sign People born at the end deacon of any sign are more spiritual and in many a case psychic.

April  2017
  The Month of April Showers starts off with Sun  in Aries-Leo from the first until  the ninth. It is a time of starting new  creative projects. Movies and plays are highlighted as well as children.From the 10th until the 19th  it is Sun in Aries-w a Sagittarius decen. Sports activities and exercise are highlighted now. Hike, Bike and get out and do it! Hit the trails in the parks! The 20th until the 30th is double Taurus Sun. It is a beautiful peaceful time of year when flowers bloom and trees blossom. Go outside and take in all of natures wonderful beauties.                        

Aries the Ram The  Mantra is I Am.

The   Color clear true red. Ruling planet Mars. Fire cardinal sign. ( It moves quick) Yang and direct this sign does not mince words. It gives vitality and energizes as well as motivates to get up and go get started. The stone is diamond and clear quartz.Spring is hear and baby sheep and all are bouncing along. It rules the first house of the early childhood, babies, beginnings,military, martial arts, entrepreneurs, the head and sheep as well as badgers. This is the sign of leaders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Taurus The Bull The mantra is I Have

The Stone is Emerald. The color is spring pink. It is a Fixed Feminine Yin sign. This one is sweet, slow and steady. If you prod them or wave a red flag they will charge.  This is the sign ruled by Venus. It is about physical security, money, banks, savings and weight of value. Practical beauty is this 2nd house ruler of Astrology charts and personal finances. Hairdressers, bankers and dairy farmers and farms are ruled with this loving sign.